Some cute ducks \:o

This is a test blog post!!

I'm hoping that this looks kinda okay!

Woah it's a heading!

Hey so over the weekend between getting my chest smashed in at a water park furry meet and hanging with the ducks afterwards (pictured above) I got the blog template working in a way that I kinda like I guess!!

The whole thing is formatted as a Markdown file, with the title, summary and headline image being driven from Front Matterq at the top of the .md file. That means I can do the cool Markdown things.

Like headings! (though they don't appear in reader mode)

and subheadings!

And links! and bold emphasised text!

And inline images!
A serving board of twiggy sticks

Still not sure what I want to do with this yet, probably post about weird solutions to programming things, funny dog pics, choons, use it as a braindump or whatever. But at least I actually have a thing to do it with now so that's fun! Until then, be good, or if you can't be good, be good at it 🐶